IBS Be-Gone!: Day Twenty Two

God, I miss wine.

I have slightly over a week left. So far so good. I have only had one bad incident since I started. I take that as a good sign. Cravings haven't been as bad as I expected either, though yesterday I went to Taste of India with Brugos and Brad and was a bit sad I couldn't rip off a big piece of naan and stuff it in my mouth. Turns out, however, that my favorite Indian dishes are perfectly within my diet parameters. Had I know this, I would have gone there several times already.

I might also be partaking in some Blu C Sushi on Wednesday for V-Day. I am looking forward to that prospect, even if I don't get to end my meal with my traditional cream puff.

I should probably start planning how and in what order I'm going to reintroduce yeast and sugar. I think some dietary changes will probably stick though. No more sugar in my tea. No more soda ever. And I'm going to try REALLY hard to keep high fructose corn syrup out of my diet entirely. (With the possible exception of HP Sauce. How can I say goodbye forever to the greatest condiment known to man?)

I think I will have to celebrate the end with a bottle of wine though. Something dry.

Snow Day Resurrected

Fangoria TV bought the broadcast rights to show Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day. They will be doing so starting Feb. 16th. I know most of you have already seen Snow Day. Many of you have probably seen it ad nausium. Still, will you please email the Fangoria people and tell them how much you like it (even if you don't)? A good response, according to, could mean more good stuff for GadZook (and possibly even Plight of the Living Dead in the future.

Big Love.

Edit from Dom: Just to be clear, Fangoria didn't buy anything. They acquired the screening rights for the film, but we still own all rights in relation to it. They have the ability to screen it on their station and present it in DVD compilations should they choose. IF they start charging for things, then we'll see a small fraction of a percentage of dough. The big thing is to convince Fangoria that there is a huge audience for our type of humor. So yes, please e-mail them and say so! :)