money changes everything

In a recent conversation, I revealed that I got my first credit card when I was 16 because my dad wanted to teach me the value of good credit. It had a $600 limit and I had to pay it off each month with the money that I earned from babysitting or whatever other teenage-type job I had at the time. This was called somewhat into question at first because getting a credit card at 16 sounds like a luxury of being a Daddy's girl. However, when compared to this situation, wherein Madonna's 8-year-old rugrat gets a credit card with a $10,000 limit, my experience seems pretty normal and, well, NOT so spoiled. SERIOUSLY, Madonna, it's a good idea in THEORY, but HOW is giving your daughter $10K per month in free money going to teach her anything she doesn't already know? She knows that her momma is retardedly rich. She doesn't need a lesson in it. Even if she's expected to be responsible and pay the thing herself, WHERE is she going to get the money? Last I checked, 8-year-old can't work in the U.S. and they haven't been able to work in Britain since the Dickensian age. And if she gets $10K/month in allowance then she DEFINITELY isn't learning anything valuable about money. Way to go, brainiac. Why don't you stick to POP-ularizing world religions and leave the fiscal lessons to Sesame Street.


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