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So AFI released their “100 Top Movie Quotes”. Now, I'm not sure what “top” means. If it means “most famous” then I guess I can't really take issue with anything on the list. But if it means “best” then I have quite a few issues. My biggest issue is that such a list is exemplary of the kind of mediocrity that Americans seem to love. NO quotes from “Jerry Maguire” or “Forrest Gump” or “When Harry Met Sally” should be on this list. But there they are. And “My Precious” is the best line from Lord of the Rings? “La Dee Da” is the BEST line from Annie Hall? “Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me” is the best line from The Graduate? You can't take films like that which are so rife with fantastic dialog and pick THOSE lines for this list. So I'm thinking it must just be “most famous”. God, I hope so. I definitely delight in seeing the inclusion of “No wire hangers ever!” though.

On an unrelated topic, looks like Courtney Love is back to her Sid and Nancy fighting weight. Pam Anderson has no comment.

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Good for Courtney! Maybe she'll get lucky and get cast as Jennifer in a Family Ties reunion movie.


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