He clean go inclusive launder

With all my email fun taken away at work, I had to make my own fun so I decided to google the new interns I hired. Turns out the one that I got the major gaydar from is a member of the Willamette Republicans. Hmmm. I’m not discounting my gaydar though. I was disappointed to find nothing on the other one. And that’s the end of THAT timewaster.

Last night was an eventful night for the cats in the Zookster household. Marilyn usually sleeps with us at night, but for some reason last night she was out wandering so Tobe took the opportunity and mustered the courage to move in. In the wee hours, Marilyn came back from patrol and was PISSED to find Tobe sleeping in her spot. She kept trying to jump up on the bed and attack him but he didn’t budge. She gave up for a little while and then, as punishment to me for letting Tobe sleep there, she vomited on my pile of clothes. (I guess it serves me right for being a slob). Then she started attacking Tobe again about 30 minutes before our alarm was set to go off. (A pet peeve of mine is being woken up FOR ANY REASON that close to alarm time). Marilyn really knows how to be a brat. When I finally got up, Tobe came with me. Probably because he knows that he’s mine and Marilyn is Dom’s. I never thought Tobe would have the courage to try and sleep with us so I’m interested to see how this is going to play out in the future. But it better not interfere with my goddamned sleep!

On the job front, I must say I’m VERY tempted to just put in my notice and charge full speed ahead on the job search front. Andrew still thinks he might be able to get me into a temping situation at Amazon and let me tell you, that sounds more and more appealing every day. I need to time it perfectly though. I wants to stay here till the end of the month so that I can get my quarter-end bonus but leave before the crappy all-day seminar that they want to make me attend in July. Tricky.


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