NFT Radar: Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant

The folks at Tamarind Tree bring their culinary badassery to downtown Seattle. The dark, gorgeous interior is cool and inviting. Little decorating delights are everywhere, including the bathroom. The fish tank is full of mesmerizing jellyfish. But the decor is just a bonus to the kick ass food. There’s some menu crossover from Tamarind, but there are loads of new dishes as well, inspired by regions all over Vietnam. “Long” could easily refer to the menu which is page after page of deliciousness. It’s times like this I’m extra happy to be a vegetarian. A “v” clearly marks all the veggie and make the overwhelming selection a little bit easier. Usually, I’m suspicious when a waiter says everything on the menu is a winner, but in this case it wasn’t lip service. Libation-wise, they serve exotic non-alcoholic Vietnamese drinks made from every juice you can think of, as well as the usual cocktails. The prices aren’t too bad either, and 2 daily happy hours make it even more affordable. It’s not often you find a place that can impress both your date and your parents, but Long does the trick.

1901 2nd Ave 98101

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