Enlightened in Oregon

Recently, the fella and I went on a nice, romantical vacation to the Oregon coast. We had a transcendent encounter with sea lions on the beach near our hotel. They were just kicking it on the beach and didn’t seem too bothered by our approach.

I guess when you weight up to 2900 pounds and you’re napping on the beach, you want to be really sure that something is a threat before you decide to make a break for it.

After watching the sea lions for a while, another family approached on bikes. They were less respectful. Two of them lay down on their backs and began writhing and barking at the animals. Not the least bit fooled, several sea lions got a little sketched out and decided to scamper. A scampering sea lion is pretty cute and kind of hilarious.

At this point, we decided to take our leave. I don’t think sea lions are particularly violent toward humans unless they feel threatened but we felt we’d disturbed their nap time enough.

On the way back to the hotel, we passed by a boy and his sister making a sand castle. Just as we were walking by, I overheard the boy say to his sister, “Open your eyes! Everything is ALIVE!”. Wow, kid. That is a very enlightened thing to say. Maybe you should stay away from empty swimming pools for a while..

NFT Radar: Knee High Stocking Co.

In true speakeasy fashion, you have to know about it to get in. The door is locked from the inside so if you were just wandering, you’d think the place closed. But if you ring the doorbell, a friendly chap answers, welcoming you inside and handing you a large menu full of old timey cocktails, mostly involving gin. Every day, they craft a new punch and serve up cups for $3 during happy hour. The beer selection is small (and includes currant cider), but people don’t come to a speakeasy for beer. They come for the hooch. Soak up all those bathtub libations with a little nosh. The chow selection is small but more than sufficient, including lamb sliders, spicy mac and cheese, hot dogs and a crustini and cheese plate with pear butter. Oh, and don’t forget to obey the rules or you’ll be eighty-sixed. No cell phones, pictures, or standing. It’s for your own good, pops. There will never be more people than there are chairs. That means you will always be able to use hushed tones to plot with your cohorts. Chin chin.

1356 E Olive Way 98122

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Film Threat Review: Run! Bitch Run!

90 minutes
Freak Show Entertainment


There’s no question about what director Joseph Guzman was going for with “Run! Bitch Run!” He aimed to make a 70’s-style sexploitation film and that’s precisely what he accomplished. Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie would be proud. If sex (well, mostly rape), drugs, and constant bleeding aren’t your bag, you’d best stay the hell away from this film. If you like a bit of the ultraviolence, however, read on.

“Run! Bitch Run!” follows two Catholic teenagers who are on a mission to sell religious paraphernalia and raise money for their school. It’s not a bad idea, actually. If anyone’s going to sell bibles to heathens, it’s young girls in a shorter-than-regulation plaid skirt. In true Catholic schoolgirl fashion, one of them is just a little slutty. Unfortunately, the townspeople of Mosely (a tribute to Bill, perhaps?) don’t see it that way. The girls are met with profanity, slammed doors, shotguns, and a punk kid who rips them off. And those are the nice folk. Their persistence is punished when they knock on the door of Lobo’s brothel just as he’s blowing a hole into the head of a disobedient whore. What happens to them next is bloodier and more sinister than the brimstoneiest pages in the Old Testament.

Rest assured, as the poster indicates, there’s also payback. Hell hath no fury like a Catholic schoolgirl disillusioned. But before the payback, there is MUCH scorn. Lobo isn’t the only bad wolf in the den. There’s also Marla, a whore with an insatiable libido and a nasty habit of killing her customers, and Clint, a meek but violent lackey. Marla also has a bit of a Lady MacBeth complex. It seems these three have seen “The Devil’s Rejects” one too many times.

Speaking of, fans of Rob Zombie’s work might notice a few convenient parallels (“Run rabbit, run,” anyone?), but it’s not an overt rip-off by any means. “House of 1000 Corpses” and “Devil’s Rejects” are more of an homage to films of that era, while “Run, Bitch Run!” could easily be mistaken as the real deal. Guzman and Robert James Hayes aren’t quite as effective as Zombie at writing compelling evil characters or memorable dialog, but that actually gives “Run! Bitch Run!” more authenticity. You’ll never find yourself endeared to Marla and Lobo as you might Baby or Captain Spalding. Thus, the revenge portion of the narrative is all the more satisfying. The gore effects are terrific and there’s good use of pacing, which is key in a story with so many rape and torture scenes. The cinematography also deserves a mention as they’ve deftly captured the lovely, warm, 70’s film look. “Run! Bitch Run!” may not be a repeat-viewer, but it’s absolutely worth a first look.


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