NFT Radar: Knee High Stocking Co.

In true speakeasy fashion, you have to know about it to get in. The door is locked from the inside so if you were just wandering, you’d think the place closed. But if you ring the doorbell, a friendly chap answers, welcoming you inside and handing you a large menu full of old timey cocktails, mostly involving gin. Every day, they craft a new punch and serve up cups for $3 during happy hour. The beer selection is small (and includes currant cider), but people don’t come to a speakeasy for beer. They come for the hooch. Soak up all those bathtub libations with a little nosh. The chow selection is small but more than sufficient, including lamb sliders, spicy mac and cheese, hot dogs and a crustini and cheese plate with pear butter. Oh, and don’t forget to obey the rules or you’ll be eighty-sixed. No cell phones, pictures, or standing. It’s for your own good, pops. There will never be more people than there are chairs. That means you will always be able to use hushed tones to plot with your cohorts. Chin chin.

1356 E Olive Way 98122

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