Enlightened in Oregon

Recently, the fella and I went on a nice, romantical vacation to the Oregon coast. We had a transcendent encounter with sea lions on the beach near our hotel. They were just kicking it on the beach and didn’t seem too bothered by our approach.

I guess when you weight up to 2900 pounds and you’re napping on the beach, you want to be really sure that something is a threat before you decide to make a break for it.

After watching the sea lions for a while, another family approached on bikes. They were less respectful. Two of them lay down on their backs and began writhing and barking at the animals. Not the least bit fooled, several sea lions got a little sketched out and decided to scamper. A scampering sea lion is pretty cute and kind of hilarious.

At this point, we decided to take our leave. I don’t think sea lions are particularly violent toward humans unless they feel threatened but we felt we’d disturbed their nap time enough.

On the way back to the hotel, we passed by a boy and his sister making a sand castle. Just as we were walking by, I overheard the boy say to his sister, “Open your eyes! Everything is ALIVE!”. Wow, kid. That is a very enlightened thing to say. Maybe you should stay away from empty swimming pools for a while..


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