And go of commission enact

Welcome to the FUCKED survey. These are all FUCKED, random, interesting, personal questions.

Baxter’s note: I wouldn’t call any of these questions “fucked”. I think the creator just wanted to write “fucked” as many times as possible to exude an air of danger. OOOOH! Anyway…

HAVE YOU EVER? …YES/NO (feel free to elaborate on your answers to make it a quasi-interesting read)

1. Given a homeless guy more than $5?

2. Spent more than $500 on a bf/gf's gift or a night out?
What could Dom POSSIBLY spend that much money on?

3. Had sex with more than one person in a day?

4. Hooked up with a good friends bf/gf behind their back?

5. Dated two people at once?
Yes. But neither was exclusive so it was ok.

6. Actually met someone from myspace that you didn't mack down on?
Clearly this is a myspace meme. And frankly, I feel like it’s accusing me of something.

8. Failed more than one class?
I failed exactly one class. Well, I didn’t FAIL. I got a D. But for some reason, at my college, a D means you have to take statistics over again.

9. Took someone's virginity when you weren't a virgin?

10. Hooked up with someone from a different race?

11. Ran around naked outside…daytime/night time?
Yes. It was truth or dare and…BOY was I drunk.

12. Scubadived/snorkoled?

13. Want to fuck (there’s that naughty word again!) the person who posted this?
Not especially. No offense.

14. Dated someone you didn't want your friends to meet?
Heh. Actually, the crazier they were, the MORE I wanted my friends to meet them. Because I needed them to feel my pain before it was over.

15. Got your stomach pumped, from alcohol poisoning?
Luckily, no.

16. Threw up from alcohol?
Unluckily, yes.

17. Been suspended from school?
Nope. But I did get a few “demerits”. Mostly for dress code violations but one, I was especially proud of: Not bowing my head during prayer in assembly!

18. Kissed someone of the same sex?

19. Wore a short skirt with out panties?
Not a short skirt. If I’m going commando, it’s because I don’t have any clean underwear and I’m not about to get busted by wearing a short skirt.

20. Let a guy paint your toenails?
Why would I do that?

21. Met someone famous?

22. Saved someone's life?

23. Seen someone die?
No. But I’ve seen a few people on their way out.

24. Killed someone?
Heh. I doubt a murderer would be filling out a meme.

25. Been in a physical fight?
Only with my brother.

26. Hooked up with someone 10yrs older or younger?

27. Been arrested?

28. Spent the night in jail?
I’ve never even been in a working prison. Sounds like fun though.

29. Been in more than three car accidents in a year?!

30. Had sex outside?

31. Given or gotten road head?
You know, I haven’t. And it’s not because I’m unadventurous. It’s more to do with the fact that I don’t want to die in an embarrassing fashion. I’ve pulled over to the side of the road for the goods though.

32. Had sex in your house when your parents were there?
Actually, yes. I lost my virginity with my parents downstairs. Everyone was asleep though. And our stairs were creaky enough so that I knew I wouldn’t get caught. Also, being my first time, there was NO chance of me making any noises of passion.

33. Had phone sex?
Yes. It’s not for me.

34. Been turned off by someone's personal hygiene?
Once or twice. But mostly, I don’t mind man stink.

35. Told someone you loved them when you didn't?
I don’t think so. Not for any nefarious reasons, anyway.

42. Danced on top of a bar?

43. Had sex somewhere in your high school?
That would have been impossible for many reasons.

44. Bought a vibrator?

45. Been in a porn shop?
Whenever possible.

46. Been in a dance competition?
Hehe! Does DDR count?

47. Ever had a threesome?
Only in my dreams. And that’s probably where it’s best left.

48. Spent more than one night in a hospital?
No. One night is bad enough.

49. OD'd on a drug?
When you throw up from drinking, isn’t that kind of like ODing? Certainly it means you’ve had too much alcohol.

50. Lied on a retarded Myspace Bulletin Quiz?
I’d like to think of this meme as “developmentally disabled”.


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