gullet anonymity tailwind

I think I finally did this meme correctly. Bold the ones that apply to you. Replace the ones that don’t. I think the idea is to have this get to someone eventually who doesn’t change anything so the entire doc is bold. What a strange cosmic convergence that would turn out to be.

01. I like to bake.
02. I can be VERY LOUD at times.
03. Elijah Wood is funny-looking.
04. But not as funny-looking as Denise Richards.
05. I’m not a one-contact-wearing freak! Though I’m not sure I know what this means.
06. If I have no other make-up on, I must at least wear eye-liner.
07. And chapstick
08. I understand that “a lot” is two words.
09. British accents are sexy.
10. Scottish ones too.
11. I love getting things in the mail, but it’s excruciating waiting
for them.

12. I find spiked heels ridiculous and unnecessary.
13. I am addicted to caffeine.
14. I like to go barefoot around the house.
15. I prefer skirts to pants.
16. There’s someone out there for everyone. More than one person, in fact.
17. I am a fan of the guy-on-guy action.
18. I’d rather daydream/zone out instead of paying attention.
19. I have a gay hairdresser. Or at least I did, before she went on a trip to Australia and went straight. What?
20. And I wouldn’t let anyone else cut my hair.
21. I get cold easily.
22. People think I’m flirting when I really just love to joke.
23. Love makes everything better.
24. Respect/trust is important to me.
25. I read other people’s blogs obsessively.
26. Though I’m not sure I would call it “obsessive” since reading blogs is totally accepted as part of our culture now.
27. I hate fighting with anyone.
28. I’m weird.
29. I’m glad I’m not addicted to any harmful substances.
30. Except for caffeine.
31. And salt.
32. I try to be good, but usually end up failing.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I need to do some laundry.
35. I prefer email to the telephone.
36. Gel pens are cool.
37. Even though jealousy is pig-headed, sometimes it’s nice when your boyfriend gets jealous of another guy.
38. I wish every day was a good day.
39. I’m a horrific speller.
40. I hate dance clubs.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Still, I’ll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.
42. Thomas Lennon is my favorite member of The State.
43. There’s no humor quite like random humor.
44. I consider both a wonderful convenience and the bane of my bank account.
45. Most of my dreams consist of someone or something trying to kill me.
46. I was a guy in a dream one time.
47. I wish that more of my dreams were about me getting it on and less about people trying to kill me.
48. Reality Television is a blight upon humanity.
49. But I’ve been known to watch such trash as “High School Reunion”, “Blow Out” and “Being Bobby Brown”.
50. David Bowie is a golden god.
51. Whoever decided only girls are allowed to wear dresses has
obviously never seen Johnny Depp in a dress.

52. I long for the day when Joss Whedon one again has a show on TV.
53. But I’ll still watch lesser TV shows and complain about the good-old days.
54. I’m tired of worrying about shit.
55. Sometimes I think I might be a little bit gay.
56. Because I definitely think naughty thoughts when watching Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica.
57. Though I try to eat plenty of vegetables, the temptation to eat mostly carbs is often overwhelming.
58. I may be a pacifist, but I often have violent urges. Particularly toward my co-workers.
59. I need to be more patient with others.
60. And also with myself.
61. I HATE it when people steal my damn pens.
62. I don’t understand why I can like the music my parents like, but
they can’t like the music I like. Is it so hard?

63. I like making people happy.
64. I hate it when people complain too much.
65. Which is kind of ironic considering that I complain nigh constantly and with an almost artistic flair.
66. I sometimes practice my answers to interviews for when I’m a famous filmmaker.
67. And wonder who in “The Biz” would be friends with me.
68. I have never spent more than $100 on any one article of clothing.
69. Though I sometimes wish I could. Particularly when passing the Betsy Johnson store downtown.
70. The Fox and the Hound is the best Disney film ever made.
71. I don’t immediately hate a book just because I have to read it for school. Because then I wouldn’t have been an English major.
72. Marry me, Joss Whedon.
73. Now that I’m being stifled by The Man, I feel like I’m missing out on so much internet fun.
74. It’s easy for me to slack off and get distracted.
75. Independence is important to me.
76. I laugh way too much ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
77. Harrison Ford was once sexy as hell. Now is he old and dating a skeleton.
78. I am still immature.
79. I love talking to new people, but I HATE small talk.
80. When the wind is blowing really hard, it hurts my ears.
81. I love bad movies almost as much as I love the good ones.
82. I never want to be an eighth grader again.
83. Calculus frightens me.
84. I’m afraid of being boring and annoying – because sometimes I am.
85. Someone needs to put Rob Schneider out of his misery.
86. I LOVE movies.
88. Contemporary metal makes me want to bounce my face off a telephone

89. I laugh whenever someone says the word “poop.”
90. I refuse to use the word “panties” in earnest.
91. Or the phrase “make love”.
92. I wear glasses.
93. I am amused easily.
94. I wish President Bush would go away.
95. I believe that nobody has the right to criticize anybody else’s
country. All countries have major issues.

96. All of my limbs are still attached.
97. Sometimes, I hold it until I have to run to the bathroom or I won’t make it, but I can’t run because the movement will dislodge the pee.
98. My respect for a male actor is automatically increased when they really commit themselves to a drag queen role.
99. The funniest part of ROTK is when Pippin sings his butt rock song.
100. I used to be a night owl, but now that I work 8-5, I can never seem to get enough sleep.