SIFF Review: Slash


There is no shortage of coming-of-age films, but none that I’ve seen are quite as virtuous and laissez-faire as Clay Liford’s Slash, a feature-length remake of his 2012 short film. Julia (Hannah Marks, TVs Awkward) and Neil (Michael Johnson, TVs Teen Wolf) are social outcasts who bond over their mutual interest in writing Fan Fic – erotic stories featuring characters from popular culture (mostly films and books, but they do mention a subgenre involving real people). Both the characters and the film itself suggest that committing to a label isn’t necessary. Sexual fluidity is both natural and necessary in determining your predilections. Thanks to their hobby, neither character needs to practice sexuality in order to explore it. They are able to use their imaginations to work it all out. Neil chooses to write about Vanguard, a Star Trek-meets-Buck Rogers sci-fi novel series, while Julia prefers Fein, a series about warring elves. The result is a film that manages to remain light and endearing, whilst tackling the delicate subject of teenage sexuality…

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