KEXP BBQ Is Dandy-ish

This past weekend the Mister and I went to the KEXP BBQ. There were some bullshit moments including shrinking beer cups, and the show starting late thereby forcing the Dandy Warhols (who were the headliners and our whole reason for being there) to cut their set short.

There were some typical Seattle tragedies such as the sky dumping buckets of rain in August and what I like to call Small Town Disease.

But there were also magical moments like awesome people watching, delicious Applewood Smoked Tofu Dogs, seeing old friends, the Dandies rocking their curtailed set and…a FREAKING RAINBOW:

Though I suppose the Dandies time crunch was a blessing in disguise. Since they didn’t have much time, they only played one of their underwhelming new songs. The rest of the set were the hits. I adore Zia’s new Rogue hair and Brent’s 70’s Porn Star Look. But I still hate Courtney’s hat.


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