Those Sexy Panhandlers

Pineapple Express star James Franco says that to prepare for his upcoming role as a homeless man in City by the Sea, he lived on the street for a whole weekend! With a sign! No, that sign didn’t say “I’m not Dreamboat James Franco.” It said “Homeless, Please Help” and apparently garnered him $20 in half an hour.

Listen, I don’t know how he “disguised” himself, but unless he was wearing hobo prosthetics, he still LOOKED like Dreamboat James Franco. I’ve seen him dressed as a deadbeat greaseball before. He’s still cute. Possibly CUTER. James Franco could probably make a better living milking the sympathies of passersby with his puppy dog browns than with a decade of Apatow projects. Speaking of, let’s see how much spare change an unshowered Judd Apatow is his Sunday chores outfit can pull in after 30 minutes.


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  1. Agreed–James Franco would literally have to disguise his sweetface with fake boils and scabs and zombie makeup to look like anything other than the superfox he is.

    (why does this blog hate Internet Explorer? I can’t read it at work without death by error message. Works great at home w/firefox, though.)

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