NFT Radar: Hawaiian Breeze

Whether you’re a born and bred Kailua Boy or just an Island Cuisine enthusiast, Hawaiian Breeze has got something for you. It’s situated in the heart of Wallingford with a large window ideal for people-watching. The calming ukulele soundtrack and corny dissolve-heavy hula videos keep you distracted as you hungrily anticipate your meal. The wait can be long, even in an empty restaurant, but you’ll find it’s worth it. They have every dish down to a science. Bucking Hawaiian tradition, vegetarians can rejoice in the tofu version of the classic Chicken Katsu. The soy comes with a bonus dipping sauce, and both versions feature the Polynesian staple, macaroni salad. Likewise, the Kalhua pork and SPAM Musubi don’t miss a beat. The Karaage Chicken is universally acclaimed and is often the dish that drives customers through the door. Hawaiian Breeze is good summer eating but also provides the perfect winter comfort food when you’re trying to ignore the endless precipitation that awaits outside. Save room for a Shave Ice with the usual suspects of fruit flavors plus my personal favorite, condensed milk. Too bad there’s no beach nearby to surf away all that pork.

1719 N 45th St 98103

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