Because It’s Lunch Time

And because I think Elyse and Wade should steal it for their very entertaining cooking blog, I pilfered this food meme.

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) As is my way, I will expound on the meme by giving a + or – (to indicate my enjoyment or disapproval of said foods I have eaten. Continue reading


Ignore This Man

According to the Slog, there is a man on Broadway (and likely other men/women stationed elsewhere in the city) who is misleading voters into signing a petition to “get the bag tax initiative on the ballot” by letting them think that the VERY WISE and environmentally imperative initiative to charge 20 cents per plastic bag hasn’t ALREADY PASSED.

anti-bag tax idiots

Some short-sighted, selfish idiots (who probably live in Bellevue, drive S.U.V.s and regularly vote against Metro) would really like to be able to continue filling landfills and oceans with plastic bags FOR FREE because they can’t be bothered to bring cloth bags to the grocery store or because they are too cheap to buy garbage bags. Their website indicated that you will be charged $300 dollars a year for grocery bags from now on. They don’t mention that this is merely the AVERAGE cost of all the bags you would be buying if you decide to remain an asshole and not carry cloth bags to the store. And of course they play the FAMILY card. Look at all the food they’re denying your FAMILY by charging you for being blissfully unaware about our environment.

inane chart
They also say that they are just protecting grocery workers who will bear the brunt of customer ire. It’s 20 cents people! You know what makes me angry? It’s not 20 cents. It’s flighty checkers who upsell the pretty lady in the express lane who then has to go get another bottle of wine to get the DEAL while he fetches her cigarettes and the line of people behind us grows. Then the goofball takes forever to ring us up because he’s asking us questions about our cats and can’t do two things at once. But I digress…

So in order to get the signatures necessary to repeal this ALREADY PASSED INITIATIVE, they are being intentionally vague. Let this be a lesson to you about petitions. Always ask follow up questions and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING. That is, if you don’t just tend to ignore people with clipboards, as I do.