Those Sexy Panhandlers

Pineapple Express star James Franco says that to prepare for his upcoming role as a homeless man in City by the Sea, he lived on the street for a whole weekend! With a sign! No, that sign didn’t say “I’m not Dreamboat James Franco.” It said “Homeless, Please Help” and apparently garnered him $20 in half an hour.

Listen, I don’t know how he “disguised” himself, but unless he was wearing hobo prosthetics, he still LOOKED like Dreamboat James Franco. I’ve seen him dressed as a deadbeat greaseball before. He’s still cute. Possibly CUTER. James Franco could probably make a better living milking the sympathies of passersby with his puppy dog browns than with a decade of Apatow projects. Speaking of, let’s see how much spare change an unshowered Judd Apatow is his Sunday chores outfit can pull in after 30 minutes.