NFT Radar: Harried and Hungry

Every downtown office seems to have a boner for Specialties, but I’ve never enjoyed them. Maybe it’s because I get the veggie options, but my food has always been bland and soggy. But Specialties isn’t the only lunch delivery game in town. There’s also Harried and Hungry. If you’re dining in, you’ll note the ‘harried’ part. It’s not the patrons dining and dashing back to work. It’s the owners who don’t let you stare at the menu for more than 30 seconds before ushering you to a register. That’s why I like to ponder the website menu before I go. Once I have a mission in mind, I’m usually not disappointed. Their lunch fare includes the souped-up versions of the staples: sandwiches (Grilled Pesto), salads (Curried Chicken) pizza (Bacon Blue) and soup (Wild Mushroom Grain). They are generally outstanding and never soggy. On occasion, they have been too ‘harried’ in the kitchen to remember the ‘balsamic’ part of my Caprese sandwich, but it’s still pretty tasty. Wash it all down with a fresh-made smoothie infused with green tea for that low-level afternoon buzz. Unfortunately, the prices are more NYC than Seattle, so save your patronage for when you have access to the corporate credit card.

1415 3rd Ave 98101

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