I’m Sold on Virgin

When I first heard that Richard Branson was opening an American version of his airline, Virgin Atlantic, I wondered if it would be as top notch as his European line. American airlines are SO unpleasant these days but they blame it all on gas prices. Since Virgin America would be using the same gas, would his airline be only a shinier version of the turd that is the American airline industry?

The answer is a resounding NO!!

This past weekend, my Mister and I flew to San Francisco for my Brother-In-Law’s wedding, and so we finally had to the opportunity to fly Virgin America. I’m pleased to report that it is everything an airline should be:

  • Friendly staff who genuinely enjoy their jobs (as evidenced by the 2 flight attendants who were cracking each other up during boarding)
  • Large, comfortable seats made of cushy leather with a built in head rest
  • Plenty of leg room
  • Drinks served with Ghirardelli chocolate and then, later, a chocolate chip cookie
  • Your own entertainment center featuring games, free satellite TV and pay per view movies. (On longer flights, you can order sandwiches and snack boxes from your seat with your credit card)
  • Funky dance music piped into the bathroom
  • And all this inside a groovy aircraft with pink track lighting and pristine white paneling! I felt like I was flying in a 70’s vision of the future and I loved it. To say that all these new fees other airlines are tacking on is justified in the current economy is rediculous. There is still such a thing as customer service and Virgin has it. They have plenty of things you can spend money on without making you feel like you are being forced to pay for your creature comforts after having dropped a couple hundy on the flight itself. (And by the way, we paid only $160 round trip from Seattle to San Fran). Flying is a travel necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant. I’m glad someone finally understands that.

    vintage airlineOne additional perk which probably won’t last too long is that the flights were only half full. This means that the chance you’ll have a whole row to yourself is pretty good. I have a feeling this Virgin thing is going to catch on so you’ll probably have neighbors on both sides soon enough. But who cares? Just one of those leather seats is 50 times more comfortable than a whole row of sub-par competitors seats combined.

    Virgin America is the way forward. I can’t wait for them to expand their routes so that I can fly them everywhere. That old coot, Branson, is really onto something.


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