NFT Radar: Bento World

Belltown is seriously lacking in good cheap lunch spots. What are the working stiffs supposed to do? We can’t afford to lunch at a Tom Douglas restaurant every day and lord knows we are sick to death of the Westlake Center food court. Thank god for Bento World! It may be small but their comprehensive menu equally accommodates vegetarians and carnivores. $6.95 will buy you an entree, vegetables, and rice enough for at least 2 meals. Sushi, bento boxes, bee bim babs, and teriyaki provide Japanese delights for any mood. The tempura meal is truly transcendent. What a beautiful Bento World!

bento world
306 Lenora St 98121

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  1. Once again, very good to know! I appreciate articles such as these :) I work downtown in Safeco plaza and ever since Safeco moved into the building they have pretty much just taken over things and changed whatever they felt like changing. We used to have a nice little coffee shop/soup/sushi whatever bar and last week they disappeared only to have and organic joint move in. Dont get me wrong organic stuff is great. BUT seriously? 15.95 for a hamburger??? um no. not on my paycheck. not everyday anyway….

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