What a Mug!

This mug, from the Red Robin restaurant chain, is one of the mugs that floats around my office.

racist mug

When I first saw it, I thought, “That’s awfully racist”. It is, after all, making light of slavery. But then again, it might only be as racist as Robinson Crusoe himself. Does that instead make it funny? A clever literary reference? Or a moment of ignorance on the part of the Red Robin marketing team? As suggested by the highlighting, did they structure the entire joke around the word “Robin”? Because that’s quite a stretch. Nonetheless, I think Red Robin should probably stick to Cathy/Dilbert-esque jokes for their mugs.

Some suggestions:

“Ack! Other than shopping, coffee is the only thing that keeps me sane!”

“My boss is totally unreasonable.”

“Why hasn’t he called? Ack! Is it because I’m fat?”

“Work sucks your will to live. But at least there’s coffee.”

NFT Radar: Pizza Ragazzi

It’s not necessarily the best option for pizza delivery in the U District. It’s a bit greasy for my taste and they go a little too easy on the sauce. That said, I know people who positively swear by Ragazzi pies. Perhaps that is more to do with the fact that they will deliver to you as late as 4am, every day of the week. That means there are only 7 hours a day that one can’t have piping hot pizza delivered to them. You can Ragazzi around the clock, if you will. And let’s face it; if you need pizza between 4am and 11am, you need to rethink your life. Being that they are conveniently located near a large university, that is a smart as hell business plan. Adding to the convenience is the ability to order on-line and a walk-up window which sells slices. Now if only they would make it easy to turn off the “Candle in the Wind” elevator music on their website.

pizza ragazzi
5201 University Way NE 98105

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