Wedding Day Wrap-Up

You KNOW you want it.

We had a short but sweet ceremony in Discovery Park. Alex played “The Air That I Breathe” on acoustic guitar. Elyse read “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” by William Butler Yeats and then delivered a beautiful (and religion-free) ceremony, thus fulfilling her officiating duties perfectly. B.’s vows promised, among other things, that he would always want to read my blog. I managed to squeeze a quote from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” into mine.

And then we partied. Oh my how we partied. The Sunset Tavern was the perfect venue. The bartenders were spot-on. The karaoke was wildly popular and our friends all gave astoundingly good performances. Even people who usually steer clear from the mic rocked hard that night. B. and I kicked things off with our first song (as opposed to first dance…that shit ain’t pretty) with “Suddenly Seymour” from the Little Shop of Horrors.

We were a little disappointed in Starry Nights Catering, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy the food. I think we just had really high expectations for the food because of all the trouble they gave us. (They wouldn’t let us taste the food for free even after we paid the deposit, which was HALF of what we owed. Their initial proposal was astronomical. They wanted to charge a $200 handling fee for renting 2 banquet tables and linens. Luckily, the wedding coordinator took care of that by renting the equipment herself.) The little tarts with playing card suit crust (playing cards were our theme) were really good though. And very cute.

I also want to give a shout out to the wedding coordinator (who also does full planning, but we didn’t need it), Melissa Bryan of Lush Parties and Events. She was amazing. She thought of everything including many things that never even occurred to us. Not every lady has been planning their wedding since childhood. She also fully understood the low-key affair we were after. Thanks also to Booze for recommending her.

And now for the pictures!!

The ceremony.

wedding ceremony

The reception.

karaoke wedding

Marriage So Far

So far, being married is awesome. Not much has changed between us but it feels good to be able to call B. my “husband”. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I think about it. And I definitely don’t have that post-marital depression that I read about it the wedding books. I don’t know why anyone would be sad that planning for their wedding is over. We had an awesome party but we will have other awesome parties. And we did what we set out to do. Being married was the whole point so it is now that the adventure begins.

The only disappointment is that there aren’t really any cool nicknames for “husband” like there are for “wife”. I told B. to feel free to refer to me as “the missus” and “my old lady”. I think they’re cute. But there’s no good male equivalent. “Hubby” is horrible. I can’t even say out loud. It’s cringe-worthy akin to the likes of “panties” and “lover”. chubby hubby

I can’t use “My Old Man” because that’s obviously my father. I guess I could call B. “Daddy” but people might think I’m serious (and therefore gross). I don’t really understand why “My Old Lady” is interchangeable between mother and wife but it is. And I suppose I could say “My Mister” but that might be a little TOO archaic. Would people have any idea what I was talking about?

I feel like I must be missing the perfect cute antiquated husband nickname. Anyone know what it could be?

NFT Radar: Boom Noodle

The creators of Blue C Sushi bring you the Euro-style Boom Noodle. The shared tables create a sort of upscale cafeteria feel. Perhaps that is why the place is often teeming with families; an unusual scene for a Capitol Hill restaurant. For a more private meal that is minor free, sit in the bar and take in the game with your sake or Shiso Mojito. As the name suggests, Boom Noodle excels at ramen. But this ain’t your 99 cent Top variety. These noodle soups made from fresh ingredients almost convince you you’re eating health food. Almost. Don’t fret if you aren’t into noodles. They offer large salad and rice dishes as well as a small plate menu full of beef and fish in a unique platform. I heeded the advice of the waitress and tried the Miso Broiled Rice Cakes. She flashed a smug smile when I confirmed their crispy deliciousness. Vegetarians can order with ease using their coded menu and most dishes can be altered to meet dietary restrictions. For dessert, the Mochi Trio doesn’t disappoint, but the Boom Waffle, with its strange bean compote topping, could use an overhaul.

boom noodle

1121 E Pike St 98122

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