NFT Radar: Boom Noodle

The creators of Blue C Sushi bring you the Euro-style Boom Noodle. The shared tables create a sort of upscale cafeteria feel. Perhaps that is why the place is often teeming with families; an unusual scene for a Capitol Hill restaurant. For a more private meal that is minor free, sit in the bar and take in the game with your sake or Shiso Mojito. As the name suggests, Boom Noodle excels at ramen. But this ain’t your 99 cent Top variety. These noodle soups made from fresh ingredients almost convince you you’re eating health food. Almost. Don’t fret if you aren’t into noodles. They offer large salad and rice dishes as well as a small plate menu full of beef and fish in a unique platform. I heeded the advice of the waitress and tried the Miso Broiled Rice Cakes. She flashed a smug smile when I confirmed their crispy deliciousness. Vegetarians can order with ease using their coded menu and most dishes can be altered to meet dietary restrictions. For dessert, the Mochi Trio doesn’t disappoint, but the Boom Waffle, with its strange bean compote topping, could use an overhaul.

boom noodle

1121 E Pike St 98122

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