For some reason, even though I HATED the Punisher movie, I really like Tom Jane. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's married to Patricia Arquette whom I love. In addition to being in some fantastic movies (True Romance, Human Nature, Lost Highway) she has awesome taste in men. After all, she was married to Nic Cage for many years (by Hollywood standards). That's why news of Tom Jane's DUI makes me a little sad, as does the accompanying photo.

He just looks so…bloated and sleep deprived. Take care of yourself, Tom! You have a hot wife and irreverently named daughter to look after.

NFT Radar: Serious Pie

X-Posted from Not For Tourists.

Local food god Tom Douglas owns Belltown with his unique gourmet twists on everyday foodstuffs. The man is so beloved by his patrons that he could probably start a cult. I might even be among those who would happily slurp his Kool-Aid cocktail. Serious Pies, his take on the family pizza joint, is no deviation from his food mastery. The menu is small but won’t fail to please any palate. The brick oven pizza crust, made next door in the Dahlia Bakery, is crisped to perfection. The toppings, both in terms of flavor and quantity, are in perfect harmony. If you are a fan of truffles, you will absolutely devour the roasted chanterelles and truffle cheese pizza. More extensive is their beer and wine list which is set to compliment any order. The family-style seating is a little cozy but makes the upscale food seem a little more accessible. One pie, along with an appetizer, comfortably serves two, making this the perfect casual date spot. The two of you can discuss theories about their logo and what exactly the little guy has caught on fire.

316 Virginia St 98121