NFT Radar: Louie's Cuisine of China

X-Posted from Not For Tourists.

The stately black building that greets you as you cross the Ballard Bridge is a long-standing institution. It was one of several Chinese restaurants opened by the Louie family in the Seattle area in the 1930’s. The remaining Louie’s restaurant upholds the class and tradition from that era. The high backed chairs and tall, private booths, elegant Chinese decorations and impeccable, attentive service will make you feel like you’re really dining out; not just grabbing a quick bite to eat. All your favorite Chinese entrées are available and prepared to precision. One simply cannot complain about their hearty plate of General Tso’s chicken or a steaming pile of moo shoo wrapped in a flowery pancake. Be sure to order the egg rolls, fat and fresh out of the fryer. They are spiced with just a hint of nutmeg and served alongside a trio of dipping delights. Louie’s is a unique dining experience.

5100 15th Ave NW 98107