NFT Radar: Rancho Bravo Tacos

X-Posted from Not For Tourists.

Tucked away in the corner of the Wallingford Winchell’s parking lot, one might not even notice Rancho Bravo Tacos. But of all the roadside taco trucks, this one is definitely worth checking out. Strategically situated one block down from Dick’s Drive-In and open till 2:30am on weekends, the grinning Rancho Bravo bull clearly has an agenda: lull the 2am snack scavengers away from boring burgers with the smell of fresh salsa and carne asada. So far, it appears to be working. No matter what you order, you’ll get your money’s worth. The burritos are a 5 napkin affair and their veggie quesadilla is packed to the gills with a pleasing array garden goodies. Those of you looking for the more unusual animal parts in your Mexican food might be a little disappointed, but the average taco consumer will be perfectly sated. Everything is made fresh and, while the service suggests they may be hot boxing the Bravo, they clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to taco truckin’. For a little dinner entertainment, “dine in” under their canopy and watch the eclectic Winchell’s regulars eye you suspiciously.

211 NE 45th St 98105