Mark Did It Again!

MarkTapioKines once again made a wonderful meme!

1. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, and it isn't black or brown, what would you choose?
Being someone who wears all black most of the time (and only feels comfortable that way as well), this would be really really REALLY hard for me. But I do wear and feel cute in red sometimes so I guess it would be red. Nothing but red dresses. That might actually be kind of cool.

2. If all your expenses were paid, would you be a “space tourist” (in 2008, not far in the future)?
Dear god, no. Did you SEE Sunshine? Space is fucking terrifying.

3. What does/did your father do for a living?
He is currently a CEO at Interbake Foods.

4. What does/did your mother do for a living?
She was a teacher at first, and then became a homemaker and is currently an unmarried homemaker studying Raike.

5. Which social network do you like more, MySpace or Facebook?
I like Facebook, but I haven't yet found anything useful about it other than killing time. Whereas MySpace actually got me a writing job.

6. Do you prefer AC/DC with Bon Scott or with Brian Johnson?
Doesn't really matter to me. I'm not really a fan of either incarnation.

7. Would you rather give up meat or give up alcohol? (If you already abstain from one, substitute “cheese” for it.)
Another tricky one for Baxter! So I've already given up meat, (15 years) which leads me to believe that MAYBE it would be easier to give up cheese because I can alleviate the cravings by reading vegan pamphlets. Whereas all my friends drink, so that would create social issues. Either way, I would lose a LOT of weight here. I choose cheese. (But not really!)

8. Would you rather be buried or cremated after you're dead?
As stipulated in my will, I would rather be cremated. I'm sure it won't much matter to me either way after I'm gone, but coffins, headstones and plots are so needlessly expensive and that expense would be on someone else. I'd rather my loved ones take a fun vacation to scatter my ashes then have to plan a big expensive funeral.

9. How many weddings have you attended since you turned 18?
7 (including the lovely Booberg wedding this past weekend). Not all that many, really. I think most of my friends are late bloomers.

10. How many of those happily married couples have since gotten divorced?
1. And they were friends of my boyfriend at the time. So I'd like to think my friends marry for keeps.

11. It's late night and you have the munchies. Sweet or savory?
Sweet. And then savory. Or both at once.

12. Provided that all expenses were paid (including rent or mortgage on your current home) and your current job (if any) would take you back when you return, would you be willing to move to Paris, France on January 1, 2008 and stay there for a full year?
Like Mark, if I could bring Brugos and our cats, MAAAAYBE. But I'm not all that into France and I would really miss my friends. However, I'm sure the circumstances and stakes of such an offer would make a good book so perhaps that could be my incentive.

13. Name one thing your romantic partner does NOT do that you wish he or she did (if no current partner, use recent):
Clean the house. The disclaimer here is that I am also very messy. I wish he were a neat freak so that he would either enjoy cleaning the house so that I don't have to or that I would be guilted into being neater myself. Instead, we both live like pigs.

14. While out at a movie, what do you eat and drink?
I often bring in my own booze. Screw-capped mini bottles of champagne are delightful for this purpose. And quiet. I like popcorn and nachos from the snack bar but don't buy them all that often.

15. Would you rather go out to see a friend's band or see a friend act in a play (assuming that said friend is talented)?
Band. While the friends who would invite me to a play are very talented people, their colleagues (and often, the directors) are less so.

16. Do you still use a landline at home for telephone conversations?
I do not. This proved to be an issue recently when I tried to hire a plumber from Mr. Rooter. The message on their 800 number detects that you are calling from a cell phone and asks that you enter your land line number. When you can't, it hangs up on you.

17. What's the worst experience you've ever had with a police officer?
Driving through Eastern Washington, NOT in a pickup truck and with a liberal sticker on the back of the car. They pulled us over twice for going less than 5 miles over the speed limit while people in gun-racked pickup zoomed past us.

18. Have you ever been caught stealing something?
No. I was a bit of a klepto in high school but I was very good.

19. If a restaurant offers you a free after-dinner mint or candy, do you usually eat it?
50% of the time. 100% if it's an Andes mint.

20. Speaking of which, what's your least favorite candy?
Peeps. Gross to eat, but fun to play with!

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