First NFT Radar: White Horse Trading Co.

So baby's first On Our Radar for Not For Tourists has been published! I shall inform you of each of my Radars as they come, so watch this space! (And also read NFT for other people's opinions, should you ever tire of mine.)

A.K.A. Ye Olde Secret Pub. It's difficult to find the White Horse as it's tucked away deep in Post Alley. The diminutive signage, which is simply a picture of a white horse above some words about wine and beer, is extremely easy to miss. But once you figure out where the door is, you'll be glad you made the effort. Sink into their soft, old-timey leather couches and enjoy a variety of smooth imported beers you’ve never heard of. You’ll think you’ve gone back in time and been inducted into a Gentlemen’s Club; especially when you receive the bill. The modern inflation on Seattle ale prices does not affect the patrons of the White Horse. This leaves you free to sample everything, including the fantastic cider as dry as Death Valley, a glass of Meade and the Pimm’s Cup. The former is a wine enthusiasts’ Long Island Iced Tea: a blend of 5 wines, sugar, and lemon that goes down easy and warms your tummy. You may want to rest on the couch a bit longer after finishing one of these.

1908 Post Alley 98101

Scaraoke Aftermath

The stuff of legends! And also the stuff of massive crippling hangovers which Brugos and I had all day yesterday. We managed to clean up most of the cups and bottles (well, it was mostly Justin and Brugos. I tried to help but my rampant nausea made it hard to be upright. So instead I helped by ordering Chinese food). Unfortunately no one had the energy to mop so most every surface in our house is still sticky.

But it was worth it! What a party! Seattle's Best upgraded their karaoke system so everyone sounded like fucking rock stars. I have never felt better singing. And everyone loved my costume even if only 2% knew who I was supposed to be. (For the record, it was Baby Jane, not Alice, though I can see how one would make the mistake. It was very hard to find a little girl's dress in an adult size, so I ended up with one of those “sexy” adult costumes.)

Brugos' Civil War general was also a hit. He had to work in the mutton chops. Mission accomplished.

The most accurate costume of the night definitely went to Elyse, as Amy Winehouse. Uncanny.

There are so many hilarious pictures! I regret not getting a good full-body shot of Roxy who was the lamp from A Christmas Story. Hopefully someone else got one.

Also, the Stranger's Party Crasher showed up with 3 of his friends. The Party Crasher can really bring the karaoke. Hopefully, we will get a write-up for this one.

See all my fabulous pics here!