I'm Published!

Gross self-promotion follows:

As you may or may not know, for the past year I have been writing for a company called Not For Tourists. They publish off-beat guidebooks for some of the larger, more indie cities in the country (New York, San Fran, Boston, Atlanta). The first Seattle edition has finally been published. I wrote quite a few sections, including the Seattle Center section (of which I am especially proud). I also served as the Night Life section editor, because I am such a party girl. I know that most of you LIVE in Seattle, so you may think NFT doesn't have much to offer you, but for those of you who like to discover new places or just smugly read about places with which you are already familiar, you should check out Not For Tourists. I also recommend checking out their books for other NFT cities, should you plan to visit them. If you're, like me, you prefer to explore locations which are off the beaten path and these books are perfect for providing that information. They are very entertaining and thorough and fit neatly in your pocket or hip satchel. I haven't yet received my complimentary copies, but you can all purchase a copy here.

FURTHERMORE, I will be a regular contributor to their website. Once the Seattle page launches (they are saying Mid-October), you will be able to read my brand new restaurant/bar and entertainment reviews FREE!

Please enjoy.