Going Strong on the Memes

1. To whom did you last give the finger?:
Does giving a finger to an empty desk count?

2. If you had 1,000 dollars what would you buy?
Memory foam.

3. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?

4. Are you different now than you were 6 months ago?
Slightly fatter and more tired.

5. Have you kissed a girl/boy in the last three days?
The person I’ve been kissing is all man.

6. What was the last photograph you took?
Took a photo today of a restaurant I’m reviewing for NFT.

7. Where were you last night around 9:30?
On couch watching Heroes.

8. What do you think of guys that wear eyeliner?
It can look kind of hot, but guys who wear it on a regular basis are pretty douchy. (See also Jared Leto.)

9. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
8 and a half. Why am I still tired? Oh yes, because now comes the time of year when we don’t see natural light.

10. Who was the last person to whom you spoke on the phone for over an hour?
My mom, I’m sure. And I wasn’t really doing any of the talking. Other than that, my long conversations average 15 minutes.

11. 50 Cent shows up at your door. What do you do?
Inquire as to his reasons for the visit and then, hopefully, send him away happy.

12. How was the last egg you ate prepared?
Over hard.

13. Where did you last wear sunglasses?

14. Ever worn your underwear backwards?
Yes but not on purpose. Kriss Kross’ll make ya…

15. Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?
Steve and Justin.

16. Does it bother you when people put && before every sentence and ;; after?
&&Not really;; &&Why?;; (I don’t understand.)

17. What animal did you last pet or hold?
Tobe, a cat who resembles many other animals including, but not limited to a lamb, a lion, a luck dragon and a ghost bear.

18. What was the last law you broke?

19. What are you wearing?
Same ole shit.

20. What did you think of your last hug?
Nice. Always nice.

21. What was the last newspaper you read or skimmed?
The Stranger.

22. What was the last word written on your hand?
“Pepper Spray”. Apparently, at Neumos, they don’t let you take any in, so they kindly held mine for me at the door, and I wrote on my hand to remind myself to get it back.

23. What was the last hair product you used?
Moisturizing mousse with SPF 15.

24. What was the last text message you received?
I don’t know. I just deleted them all.

25. What was the last medication you took?
Stuff for my bowels. Ew.

26. Who was the last person to make you really laugh?
Co-worker Ben.

27. To what song did you last sing along?
Electric Six songs at concert.

28. What was the last musical instrument played in your presence?
Electrix Six instruments.

29. What was the last superstitious thing you did?
Knocked on wood. I don’t really believe in it. I don’t know why I do it because it’s not really a funny thing to do either.

30. What's the last good book you read?
Offbeat Bride. Not sure how entertaining it would be for people who aren’t planning an alterna-wedding though.


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