IBS Be-Gone!: Day Five

No, I don't expect people to read this every day. Really, it's more for me to keep track of my progress. So I apologize if they grow tiresome. I'll try to continue to post items of interest as well.


Yesterday's Eats:

Breakfast: Grits with egg beaters and cheese. Tea with milk.

Lunch: Organic bean burritos with fresh salsa. Organic, unsweetened apple sauce. Tea with milk.

Snack: PBJ rice cake. Tea with milk. Handful of crackers.

Dinner: Roasted red peppers stuffed with quinoa (THANKS, ELYSE!), shitake mushrooms, onions, zucchini, tomatoes and topped with Parmesan. PBJ rice cake for dessert.

After last night's dinner, it was the first time since I started this diet that I actually felt full after a meal. Regardless, I was still pretty hungry by the time I got home at 11, but I didn't want to eat anything that close to bed time.

I'm definitely losing weight. I haven't weighed myself since I started and I forgot to weigh myself beforehand, but at the doctor a month ago I weighed 135. My clothes are definitely a bit looser around the waist.

I'm in love…

…with this extremely fat cat who happens to look an awful lot like my childhood kitty, Cinderella.