Weekend Recap – New Years

All told, a lovely, relaxing long weekend. Happy Ought Seven!


I brought some Thai food over to Meep’s and we opened Christmas presents. I got one thing that I've really needed for a while: a mortar and pestle. I also got a cute book about a hippo and a turtle who are lifelong friends, and a dancing pig i-pod speaker! It was a whole pile of adorable. Thanks, Meep!

After that, I convinced her and Scrapps to come with me downtown to meet B. and some Amazonians at the Lava Lounge. They were mid-shuffleboard tournament with (a guy who looked like) an aggro Morgan Spurlock. Brugos was wound up from 3 drinks on a empty stomach and was dancing. It was cute. Meep and Scrapps played a round versus me and Alex. I was playing better than I ever had before. It turns out, contrary to popular belief, that shuffleboard is one of those games that is easier to play when you aren't drunk. Meep had some pretty impressive shots in there as well. I would have liked to continue to play with Meep and Scrapps, but aggro Spurlock returned from smoking and demanded, since he'd won the previous game, that he be incorporated into the next game. Somehow, I ended up on his team against Alex and B. “Don't throw the game just because you're sleeping with this guy!” he yelled at me. I assured him I wouldn't. He continued to yell at me whenever B. and I would interact. He wasn't a BAD shuffleboard player, but he did mess up a few shots by being, well, aggro, and shaking the table.

We won that game, and I wanted to be on Brugos' team for the next one because, frankly, my team mate was a bit annoying. But he wouldn't let me. So we played another game, and Alex and Brugos won. I was relieved.

Meep and Scrapps’ friend arrived and we all relocated to Shorty's briefly, so that some of the Amazonians could check out the new room. B. and I played some Medieval Madness.

Thanks to Meep, I was able to talk B. out of going to Ozzie's, opting instead to try a new tiki bar called “Hula” wherein you could buy drinks served in plastic coconuts. Meep and Scrapps stayed behind at Shorty's, and the rest of us piled into a car and drove to Queen Anne.

We were met, at Hula, by the Brunswicks. It's still a relatively new place so it wasn't that crowded. The atmosphere was a little strange. It was a bit too dark in there. But, at Meep’s suggestion, I ordered the Chewbacca along with some plantain chips (which were delicious). B. got a pork sandwich. I would like to go there again one day when we're not all so tired and before it becomes overrun with Queen Anne regulars.


The plan was to work our way to Brugos' via Fremont so that we could pick up the Catan game we'd left at Elyse's on Christmas Eve. We stopped at the Fluevog store downtown to see if I could utilize the gift certificate that Brugos had given me for Christmas. Turns out shoes at the Fluevog store are ridiculously expensive. They have a lot of stuff I liked, though, so I'm certain that one day I will be able to score some boots on sale. I just need to keep checking the website.

The next stop was Fremont for lunch Blue C Sushi. This is by far my favorite sushi in all of Seattle. The novelty of the conveyor belt aside, they have LOADS of veggie options (unlike Sushiland in Queen Anne) and everything is usually delicious.

Unfortunately, Elyse's phone was dead, so we were unable to get a hold of her to pick up Catan. We still managed to satiate our hankering for Settling by going to the House of Fun to play with Brad.

Eventually, we made our way back to B.’s, having walked the whole way. This walk is MUCH less daunting when you get to make stops along the way.

We made some food and then the Brunswicks arrived to play games. Since we were Catan-less, we decided, instead, to play Star Wars Monopoly. This is the same as regular monopoly except you buy the Millennium Falcon instead of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Mos Eisley Cantina instead of State Avenue. It was quite fun and it didn't last for 5 hours because of B’s way of playing. The rest of us had never traded properties before. This way, everyone can have monopolies and get started buying houses and hotels with which to ream the unlucky people who land on them. Roxy creamed us all.

We didn't feel like playing another game or going out so we finished out the night by watching The Warriors, which I also got for Christmas from my fella.


We puttered around the house for a while. Eventually, we headed back to my place so I could pick up my dress for the evening. Brugos looked quite fetching himself in a black dress shirt, tie, and Punisher belt buckle. We dropped some champagne and snacks off at the Boobergs and then killed some time playing Karaoke Revolution at Brugos' before catching the bus to the 4A house. They had a lovely cheese and veggie spread waiting for us. We also helped Andy create the perfect lemon drop ratio this job got me tipsy fairly quickly. The rest of our time there went by very fast. It might have also had something to do with the tequila shots that Arsenio was doling out.

B.’s friend showed up with some guy. I talked to Jon about David Lynch and some other guy about the Sci Fi network and Dr. Who. B’s friend hit on Amy, not taking “I'm gay” for an answer. Then we all piled into Mana's car and headed to the Boobergs for the fireworks and poker.

The fireworks were kind of lackluster, but the company (and Boozer's shirt) were great. Boozer cleaned up at poker. The last game lasted for a long time. It probably had a little to do with the passing around of the Longbottom Leaf. We finally vacated the Booberg's at 3:30.


We woke up nice and late. After breakfast and a mini Thundercats marathon (Brugos and I have been watching Season 1. Thundercats is the most ridiculous cartoon EVER MADE. But it is also strangely addictive.) we headed back to Ravenna to Settle some more Catan with Brad. After an exhausting couple of games, Brugos and I were in need of more relaxing, so we watched Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (starring David Hasslehoff and Lisa Rena) and Tombstone on On Demand. The first, neither of us had seen. I think I enjoyed it a little bit more than Brugos did. It was appropriately silly and at LEAST as good as Fantastic 4. Brugos had never seen Tombstone before. Man, remember when Val Kilmer was talented? I'd also forgotten that Tombstone was basically a character actor yearbook. It hadn't registered that Cy Tolliver and Trixie from Deadwood were in it. And Jason Priestly, who isn't a character actor as such, but I kind of love him. I recommend a little indie film called Coldblooded in which he plays a low-key hit man. It was written and directed by Simpson's writer and Wes Anderson pal, Wallace Wolodarsky. Oh, and Tombstone also features your friend Billy Zane, who is riveting as usual.