Weekend Recap – Half-Assed Edition


B. and I supped at the Rendezvous and then met the Brunswicks for a screening of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. None of us had read the book which apparently has quite the cult following. We all agreed that aspects of the film were very interesting and it was beautiful to look at, but overall, it was kind of tedious. Even a film with the world's largest orgy couldn't get us excited about it. Ah well.


I DDRd the breakfast calories away and then wandered around Broadway for a bit before meeting Roxy at Liberty for sushi and lemondrops (not as good as Andy's lethal lemondrops the week before).

Roxy and I then got some snacks and caught a ride to the 4A house with Jon and Emily. We caught the end of an EPIC Seahawks VS. Cowboys game on TV (which Brugos was attending) and played some poker. All night, I played better than I ever have before. I came out $2 richer in the end. Brugos showed up about an hour after the game ended. He was drunk. I was drunk. Everyone was drunk. We played Jenga. We danced. The next thing I knew, it was 1:30 and time for bed.


I helped B. pack for CES by approving outfits and showing him some ironing tips. We watched more Thundercats (which we have been immersing ourselves in for a few weeks now. It's like nacho cheese. It's terrible and you KNOW it's not good for you, but you just can't stop). B. called a cab to the airport and I headed back to the Hill.

I met Erin for dinner at Polermo. I gave her her Christmas present and she gave me several terrible (but probably fun) movies including “Snakes on a Train and this movie which happens to star Paul Rudd and Stephen Dorff who are two actors I will sit through ANYTHING for. Yes!