Getting Hairy

Tomorrow I will be cutting my Cat Power hair (reminiscent of Jessica at age 10) to a short, above-the shoulders do ( reminiscent of Jessica at age 5). I am doing this for a number of reasons.

1) It’s summer! Everyone sheds their winter hair for the warm weather. Even Dom said goodbye the beard.
2) It’s no secret that I can’t go for more than a month without changing my hair in some way.
3) In light of reason #2, my ends are none too pleased with me. I feel like the “before” model in a Garnier Nutrisse commercial.
4) Apparently, the older I get, the more I subconsciously attempt to look like a younger version of myself. This time next year, I will shave my head and acquire an umbilical cord implant.

In other hair news, today an MSN article backed my love for all men hairy.

2. She loves your hairy body—really!
Your what?! That’s right, go ahead and cancel that back-waxing appointment. A study at the Zoological Society of San Diego (of people!) revealed that women are more attracted to men with furry bods, regardless of the silhouette. Scientists theorize that body hair advertises good health and active hormones, making it a positive sign in the selection of a sexual mate. For further proof, just listen to Laura McNeely of Spring, Texas: “I always love noticing that a guy, especially a clean-cut one, has a little bit of chest hair sticking up out of his oxford shirt. It’s like saying, ‘I may have an uptight job, but there’s a caveman lurking inside.’”

Since MSN is clearly one of the most (if not THE most) reputable news sources on the net, I feel properly validated. Body hair sexpert Laura McNeely of Spring, Texas has spoken.

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