confidential to the women of my generation

Please say no to the Gaucho. If you must wear highwater pants, go with the capris. They will still hug your butt and thighs in a flattering way, giving you a sexy look combined with the exposed calves you've always wanted. But Gauchos always look frumpy, ill fitting, and, at times, rediculous. Even if they're “dress” Gauchos. Even if you're America's Next Top Whathaveyou. Frump city. You're so pretty. Why would you want to hide that under some floppy pants? Surely there are other ways to aerate your crotch.

If you are doing yoga, you are given a Gaucho allowance IF you INSIST that you need that much movement in your fabric. But otherwise, I deem them unacceptable. That is all.