tough choices

A fun little meme taken from Ahe’s myspace bulletin. Thanks, Ahe!

Would you rather fart in public or step in dog poo?
Farting, while perhaps more embarrassing (since the dog poo, supposedly, didn’t come from you), would be neater and over with quicker.

Were you born in the right time period?
I’ve often felt that I would have liked to live in the 50’s for the music, décor, cars and clothes. But had I grown up then, I probably wouldn’t be enjoying the full extent of personal freedoms that are available to women now. So I’ll just appreciate such things from THE FUTURE.

Have you ever failed a class?
Not officially. But I got a D in statistics in college, and since it was meant to satisfy my math core requirement, apparently a D doesn’t cut the mustard. I had to take the damn thing twice, fairing a C the second time. Math. Is. Hard.

Where do most of your calories come from?
Bread-based products.

Which would you rather fight, zombies or vampires?
Only The Slayer or someone who is into death-defying feats would pick vampires, whatwith vamps being super strong and fast. To quote Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day, zombies “really aren’t that hard to kill, and for a non-violent layperson as myself, that is a much more appealing foe.

What seven TV characters would you invite to dinner?
Spike, Young Lex Luthor, Davis, Veronica Mars, Anyanka, The Doctor, Jeri Blank.

What five literary characters would you like to receive a letter from?
Ignatius J. Reilly, Seymour Glass, Lestat de Lioncourt, Ford Prefect, Patrick Bateman.

Are you a leader or a follower?
If it’s something I’m interested in, I don’t mind leading. At work I’m a follower because I’m lazy.

Wolverine or Cyclops?
This should be a rhetorical question but since it’s not, Wolverine.

Compose your own haiku illustrating how you feel at this moment.
I hope that my work
Computer is no longer
Being monitored

What is your worst habit?

What is your favorite animated movie?
The Fox and The Hound

Who would play you in the biopic based on your life?
Who would I want? Michelle Williams. Who would they pick? Probably Selma Blair. And she’d have to “bravely” gain a ton of weight for the role.

What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Have you ever been a story on the news or in a newspaper?
Nope. But I had a brief stint as a youth correspondent for the junior page of my local paper.

What was your favorite TV station in grade school?
I suppose it was probably Nickelodeon. Or USA (Up All Night).

What do you think about the indoor smoking ban?
Well, I voted against it. That being said, I do enjoy not waking up smelling like smoke, but I don’t enjoy everyone at the table leaving me alone to go outside and have a cigarette at regular intervals.

Do you love anything that embarrasses you to admit, like romance novels or Eddie Murphy movies?
I love things that I perhaps SHOULD be embarrassed about. But I’m not ashamed of the joy I receive from the craptasticness of Tru Calling or Walker, Texas Ranger.

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