look through the email – longer longer longer

Things are very very fucked at work. I logged on to my computer this morning and immediately noticed some more sneakiness afoot. I opened internet explorer and a PASSWORD WINDOW came up. So I emailed the I.T. guy and was all “Why do I need a password to get on to the internet now?”. He replied with a highly suspect story about it being a function of transferring data to the new server. (Highly suspect because no one else complained about internet issues. Usually when there is an internet problem, everyone is the office calls me at the same time to tell me to get the I.T. guy on the phone). He promptly “fixed” the problem but I watched him do it and saw him access a few dubiously labeled folders like “restricted” and “limited”. Later, he emailed me to request that I tell him when I leave for lunch because he has to “do something on my computer”. He leaves at 2:30 (because he arrives at 6:30 am to fiddle with people's stations before they get in) and I didn't get a chance to take lunch before he left, but my theory is that when I arrive to work tomorrow, I will find that I am blacked out of any sites that would allow me decent human contact. It's a wonderful feeling to be so loved. At least all this Big Brother shit has got me so nervous at work that have very little desire to eat lunch, let alone succumb to the office munchies. I just may lose those “vanity pounds” this way. Thanks, Big Brother!

I am still actively seeking employment elsewhere. PLEASE GOD let me find something soon.


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