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Last night, Faye, Ahe and I went to see “The Crow: Wicked Prayer”. As usual, I won’t spoil the review that Faye will eventually post for Bad Movie Whateverday, but I want to make a comment or two.

First, I want to say that I LOVED the noc noc happy hour. Who can argue with $1 beers and $2-3 meals? Not me. I can argue with some of the juke box selections, but you can’t have everything. Best of all, the happy hour goes till 9:00! I will go back there again, to be sure.

After 4 beers, I had a nice buzz going, and we headed over to Pacific Place. When we walked in, we were the ONLY ONES in the theatre. This was very exciting. I thought that meant a night of heckling was in store. Sadly, a John Gulager-looking fellow strolled in. (After we realized that it was a Dimension film, Faye joked that it probably WAS John Gulager). Then later, two girls sat behind us. We couldn't talk through the whole film NOW. But there were still some jokes that needed to be made because

1)When did Edward Furlong get so strange looking? I actually found the “romantic” scenes completely unbelievable (and a little nauseating).
2)Tara Reid’s hair was ridiculous.
3)David Boreanaz either took this role because he knew he would completely outshine everyone else in the cast, or else his baby needs new diapers. Regardless, he basically played Angelus which I always enjoy.
4)I think Macy Gray is developmentally challenged. In the brain.
5)Dennis Hopper plays a role that was obviously written for a young rapper and not an old character actor. Hearing him call Tara Reid “shorty” just sounds wrong.

So all the above elements made it funny. But there were a few things that annoyed me too. When the original Crow came out, I was in high school and already a fan of the comic. I certainly wasn’t cinematically educated at that point in my life (as Faye so deftly pointed out when I was still trying to put this emotional response into words) but I knew that I loved the movie. I found it funny and delightfully violent and beautifully sad (without being pukingly so…save the irritating little girl). Brandon Lee was so good. He really understood the character he was playing. He knew that even though Eric Draven was a man who was the victim of tragic circumstances, after he was brought back to life by the powers that be, he was no longer a man, but a spiritual force designed to “put the wrong things right”. He held the painful memories of what had happened, but he used them only as a tool to complete his task. He was still haunted by his past somewhat but because he was no longer a man, these ghosts didn’t prevent him from doing what needed to be done. And when the Crow kicked ass, he was like an automaton. And it was COOL. Edward Furlong’s Crow is a whiny sniveling “why me” little bitch and I so wanted Angelus to beat his ass. But sadly, that didn’t happen.

My hang-ups about the past aside, I really did enjoy the movie. All you naysayers who didn’t come with us, you guys missed out.

On an unrelated topic, I'm very sad about Anne Bancroft. I didn’t even know she was sick. I hope that Mel Brooks is OK. I saw an A & E biography on him and when the two of them talked about when they first fell in love, they were glowing. YEARS LATER. It was really cool. Especially when Mel Brookes said, only half joking, that he couldn’t believe he’d conned her into marrying him.


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