Things are kind of frustrating right now. Here are some of the things that are burning my bacon.

When are they going to post the schedule for the San Diego Comic Con? It's in a month and plane tickets are not getting any cheaper. I really want us to get in, obviously. But I don't want to find out a week ahead of time and then have to ask for time off work AND pay $500 for a plane ticket. I hope all festivals don't take their sweet time like this.

Marilyn will NOT stop bullying poor Tobe. This morning, Dom discovered that Tobe has been peeing in the corner by his food. I thought about it and it makes sense. That's the only corner in the house that's HIS corner. Whenever Marilyn chases him and hisses at him, he runs over there. So he's probably marking his meager territory. He's probably also scared to use the litter box. On SEVERAL occasions, I have seen him go in there, only to have Marilyn follow him a minute later and chase him out of there. Where is my baby supposed to poop? I don't understand why Marilyn is giving him such a hard time. He's SO mellow and offers no resistance. I hate being mad at a cat. It makes me feel kind of evil.

If one more person who HASN'T seen “Snow Day” says “it sounds like a rip-off of 'Shaun of the Dead'.”, I will…I don't know what. I'd LIKE take away their movie-watching privileges because if they don't realise that there is MORE THAT ONE move allowed within a genre, they don't deserve to see any more movies.

My job, of course, is frustrating. Tuesday, after several days of me looking for other work, my boss called me into his office. He told me he'd had a “revelation”. He realised that not everybody who works in a job needs to be trained in and/or planning on doing that job for the rest of their lives as long as they work hard while they're there. He also realised that people with a more diverse background are better in a job because they can offer a different perspective. That lead him into saying that he didn't know where I was with moving on, but that he would like to keep me here as long as he can. He said I did really good work and that he really appreciated everything I added to the company. He knew that eventually I would need to move on and pursue my movie career but that if I'm just looking for another office job, he would really like me to stay here. He said he'd talk to the Powers That Be about getting me involved in profit sharing and that he would welcome any suggestions from me as to how to make the work environment happier. He even said he understood that while working hard is important, a happy work environment is also essential. I certainly wasn't about to suggest that he let me have my LJ back, but I found the whole conversation to be very confusing. I hate to compare my job to a bad relationship again, but that's really how it feels. I'm in a relationship that isn't right for me. But I've been in it for so long that it's hard to imagine being without that person. There are a lot of perks that I would miss (free bus pass, for one). And if I did get a different office job, I'm sure the bullshit would still exist. It would just take on a different form. Profit sharing, eh? Fuck. I don't know what to do. This place really does depress the shit out of me. I'm certain that this job is, in part, why I've been so moody (and tired) all the time. But right now there isnt necessarily anything available to me that would be better. Not until I can actually con someone into paying me to make movies. Fuckety fuck.

I need some funny pictures of celebrities to cheer me up.


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