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My mom was in town (still is till tomorrow), so after a delicious lunch at the Wild Ginger (I’d never been there but it really is as good as everyone says it is. Sometimes hype is justified), I met her for dinner in Redmond with the women of a family with whom we’ve known for 20 years. Weird. Anyway, we dined at Anthony’s which, being a seafood restaurant was still nice enough to make a pasta dish for me without the seafood. I really hate making special requests like that but if it’s between being embarrassed and missing a meal on someone else’s dime, I’m going to pick the former. After dinner, I met some folks at Ye Olde Canterbury for a quick 3 drinks before heading to bed. It was kind of quiet in there for a Friday. I hope that isn’t indicative of poor business because life without the Canterbury would be truly difficult.


I hit a noon yoga class because I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my usual Sunday 4pm class. It had been two weeks since I’d made it to a class (both because of busy schedules and general lazyness. Bad.) and my attendance of late has been spotty in general. Needless to say, the lack of practice made my performance extremely poor. As a result, I am still sore. I really can’t go that long again. However, I hope to avoid that particular teacher in the future. While being a perfectly nice woman with what I’m sure is the best of intentions, she spoke so slooooooooowly, that the class seemed to last for ages and ages. It actually only went about 8 minutes over, but I just don’t think I can handle that kind of Haites-like environment again. I need a teacher that speaks quickly and constantly, thus making me feel like I’m working towards something, rather than stuck in something that will never end.
After class, being both famished and curious, I whipped myself up a vegetarian version of a McGriddle sandwich. It was, in fact, as delicious as the commercials boast. And my veggie version is probably slightly less heart-attack inducing. With some difficulty, I tried to select a movie to watch. I consulted my library loans and started with About Schmidt. About 10 minutes in, I was already bored to tears and so I put in 21 Grams. It was much more entertaining (Sean Penn aside) and I was reasonably invested in all the crying and drug abuse. But then Faye showed up and so we decided to watch THX 1138 instead. Turns out we should have just watched the trailer as it contained all the relevant information to understand the story and all the action from an otherwise extremely slow moving and uninteresting film. Bravo, Georgie. Another winner for you. I can see why you really went places after that. The best part was the description on the back of the box that said something to the effect of “this film paved the way for future George Lucas films such as ‘American Graffitti’ “. Ah yes. I could really see the fountain of influence for “American Graffiti” in a sci-fi social “commentary” such as THX 1138. Also, way to use the titular sound system.
After that, Dom and I supped with my mom at Roti and then drove her back to Redmond, where she is staying with the aforementioned 20 year family friends. We joined Elyse, Gene and a cast of 20’s at The House of Fun for the going away party of DJ Ron (a.k.a. DJ Nightshift). Drinks were drunk and dances were done. Everything went quite swimmingly right up to the point where we were leaving. As we walked down the (very treacherous) stairs to the car, I slipped and skidded down the pavement, skinning and bruising my already challenged knees. If it weren’t for the fortunate placement of Elyse’s ass, I would have been much more seriously injured. Thank you, Elyse’s ass. You saved my life and I shall never forget that. Here’s to you.


Dom and I picked my mom up in Redmond once again and caught a ferry over to Vashon so that she could meet Dom’s dad and see the island. My mom was appropriately impressed with the flora and fauna of the island. We enjoyed a walk in the woods with Kirby the Beagle and some horse poop. We ate THE most delicious eggs at Homegrown. Apparently, I have never had fresh farm eggs before. It’s amazing how different (and delectable) they taste. After Vashon, we met the family friends at Ray’s Boat house were again we ate delicious food and drank some delicious wine. Really, this weekend has been all about eating and drinking. And I’m ok with that.

Tonight I get to scam one more free meal before my mom returns to New Mexico in the morning. I really hope one never gets too old to be taken out to meals by their parents.


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My friend Erik is one of those amazing writers who will be “discovered” long after his death as being one of the most funny, inventive and accurate “voices” of the 21st century. He keeps some of his writing on this website. My personal favorite is this piece which I have a feeling is “based on a true story”. It makes me laugh out loud in several places which tends to be dangerous for on-the-sly work reading. But I'll take my chances.