finicky headquarter


Faye had her long-awaited housewarming party. And warm we did. We managed to pack a good 15 people in there and we drank and spoke of porn and ate bread with cheese. I felt like an adult, I did. This part should probably be longer but frankly, I drank a lot of champagne that night and all I remember is that I had a good time. And that “Heat of the Moment” is one of the BEST songs to listen to when you’re drunk.

Faye and I finally took our director photos for the press packs that we will send out along with our festival submissions for Snow Day. We have been pouring over this item on our to-do list for a long time because every picture we have of ourselves is either too silly (taken when drinking or hanging out) or just not very good pictures (if taken when we actually ARE directing). So we staged some artsy fartsy pictures of us at Volunteer park. Two rolls of film’s worth. We took pictures of us smiling and not smiling. Looking at the camera and looking off into the distance. Sitting on stares and standing in interesting doorways. Hopefully there will be SOMETHING cool in there because damnit if this isn’t one of those needlessly complicated situations! We need pictures that are both professional and original. Pictures that both represent who we are and don’t freak people out…We’ll see what we get I guess. After we took about a roll and a half of us being directory, we needed to finish the roll. So there are the inevitable pictures of me pretending that I’m a hobo and that various things found around the park were my penis. Um…how old are we?
Later, we had a brief writer’s meeting and then met people at Jai Thai for dinner and to check out the new Saturday karaoke situation. We were joined by various people coming and going throughout the night but most people got to witness the splendor that was Anne, the man with breasts who was either a pre-op tranny who didn’t bother with makeup or a man who was trying out drag for the night but didn’t really understand the concept. Either way, he/she was very nice and high-fived everybody as they left the stage. She/he also played an inflatable guitar and danced for most of the evening. We were also served by an extremely drunk waiter who kept sitting down with us when he took our order and then would engage in conversation with us and forget what he was doing. To expedite the process, we started ordering more than one drink at a time. The karaoke selection itself, being from the same DJ who works at the Wild Rose, was INCREDIBLE! Butt rock, classic rock, alternative and show tunes. Anything and everything a chap can unload and sing is in that book. Furthermore, there weren’t THAT many people in the bar at any given time so we each got to sing an average of three songs! Some might find the eclectic company to be off-putting. Being a veteran of El Toro in Tacoma, I found it comforting. Needless to say, I will definitely be a repeat visitor to Jai Thai karaoke! Song highlights include Faye singing “The Heat of the Moment” (the unofficial theme song for last weekend), Anne singing (period), and a personal highlight of mine is getting to sing “Skid Row” from Little Shop of Horrors with Chris and Dom.

I spent the morning watching Carnivắle, which is a show that I am quickly becoming obsessed with. Like I NEED another one of those. Then I did some home-yoga and got ready to go see Sin City.
I went in with low expectations based on, well, ALL of Robert Rodriguez’s other films. While they are typically entertaining and ultraviolent (good) they are also typically full of laughable dialogue and uninspired music. Well, Sin City is the cream of the crop in terms of ultraviolence. I was giddy with amputations and throat slitting and paintball-esque blood flying everywhere. I was also giddy with a new crush on Clive Owen who is the slickest thing in grease and leather that I have seen in a long time. The dialogue was cheesy but it was perfect for the nouveau-noir cinematography. What a fun film! Even with the presence of Brittney Murphy and Jessica Alba and with some of the most irritating line readings ever from Alexis Bledel, it was still fun! After it was over, we stayed in the theatre and counted how many times Robert Rodriguez’s name appeared in the credits. The answer is 7. Hello, Narcissus? My name is Robert Rodriguez. I will give you a run for your money. Also, you killed my father. Actually, we think he may have thrown some aliases in there as well. Regardless, I had a blast. Also, the Cinerama is responsible in no small part for the fun we had. Any movie is automatically enhanced by that big beautiful screen and those cushy seats. Even Garden State.

I kinda wanna go see Sin City again…