do you remember how you were


So the pictures from this past weekend's Jai Thai Karaoke excursion are up. Looking at them, I remembered a few other funny details from the night including the fact that when Dom sang “The Rainbow Connection”, the DJ made him hold stuffed animals. Also, I remembered this morning that we had decided that the male equivalent of “Show us your tits” is “show us your balls” and we shouted it at a few people who were singing. I'm pretty sure it was only shouted at people we knew. PRETTY sure.

Please enjoy pictures from Faye's Housewarming as well (including fun with P.B.R.).

The blast from the past vault includes pictures from Elyse's and Gene's housewarming (that the Stranger crashed and the Bobcats rocked). AND here's some really cool photos from karaoke at the Bus Stop . We were in rare form that night. (And by rare, I mean off our nuts).

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Adam and Eva's Wedding .

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