He has the eyes of Sauron

But I promise you he's not evil.

can you deal with that?

Fluffy kitty cuteness here. He's got “crazy eyes” like The New Guy. Actually, his eyes are blue so they reflect the light light nobody's business.

barren augusta dutiful spotlight

The depressing half
Fuck. I recently realized that my brilliant idea of quitting this demeaning job to go and get a different one is, at this juncture, but a mere pipe dream. I have been very good at saving money and have a nice little cushion (not a WHOLE lot, but enough to keep me afloat for 2-3 months of unemployment). However, it has recently come to light that I must use that money for film stuff. It's probably going to be a lot for the sound mix (and Gadzook can only pay for half of that). It's going to cost a ton to send the movie to festivals. It's going to cost a ton more to print postcards, posters, stickers and buttons to promote the film. Not to mention the fact that, should we actually GET INTO any festivals, I will want to go to them. That's plane tickets and hotel cost. So all that money will need to be spent. Every job I have looked at cannot even pay me close to the what I'd thought was the meager salary I get now. So I might as well stay here. Hopefully my boss will be just as nice about letting me change my mind as he was about letting me take my time in leaving. That will be an embarrassing conversation. Damn me and my expensive dreams. Why couldn't I have wanted to be a fry cook?

The happy fluffy kitty half
Tobe is doing well. He was stoney baloney yesterday having gotten his bawls clipped. (I don't know what they did though cos he still HAS them…Maybe they just disconnected them? Weird) He napped for a little while on my lap and then a while longer in the corner of the office. I think he was slightly terrified of his freedom at first. (Insert Oz joke here). But by the end of the evening he was ready to come out of the office and explore. Unfortunately, we couldn't let him do that because we are supposed to keep him and Marilyn separate for 5 days. I also gave him a sponge bath because he was stinky and his tail was matted with dirt. He was very well behaved and I think he actually enjoyed the massaging properties of the scouring side of the sponge very much. I could only get about half the dirt out of his tail though. Ms. Faye will open her kitty salon later in the week and try to tackle the rest of the dirt. He still smells a bit though. It's that pesky boy spray smell. But theoretically, the snipping of the bawls should take care of that in time. ANYWHO, is he definitely a fantastically behaved cat and he loves being held and pet and put on laps so I think we are going to get along just fine. The best part is that Marilyn has been so weirded out that she hasn't even been meowing at us. She let us sleep right up until the alarm went off this morning. Awesome. Today, Tobe is allowed to explore the rest of the apartment whilst Marilyn stays in the bedroom. Let me tell you, she was none too pleased about that arrangement. She actually hissed at Dom. I will probably post pictures of his adorable orange fluffy self later in the week. Hooray for kitties.