So I just saw this link with some prototypes of action figures for the upcoming Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie (for which I'm equal parts deliriously excited and pants-pooping terrified). And I noticed (even before I read the text) that Zaphod Beeblebrox is suspiciously one-headed and two-armed. That is 100% unacceptable. I read a rumor a while back that they were saying his second head was in his ear. Here they are saying something about his face flipping up to reveal a second head. Either way, they are wrong wrong wrong!!! Now, I know that it's a book and therefore open to interpretation, to be sure. But Douglas Adams SPECIFICALLY described in extensive detail about how Zaphod has two VERY VISIBLE heads and four arms. Otherwise, why would Zaphod have to wear that elaborate Halloween costume in London where he meets Trillian?! There are countless other gags that will be ruined by this retarded “interpretation” of the character's look. Not to mention the fact that it would be EASY for them to give him a CG head. Just look at what they did in Men In Black II:

Maybe there were budgetary issues, but this seems to me like something that they should be uncompromising on. It's one of the worst things they could have changed. I am not happy. And neither will the millions of rabid Adam's fans be.

The rest of the action figures look great though. Especially the Vogons. But that little Trillian plush thing makes her look like a Bee Gee.

Still no word on whether or not Ford will have an English accent.

PS: Someone give Lara Flynn Boyle a sandwich i.v. stat.


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