with the initials "N.E."

Well, I thought things had calmed down with The Lil'est Dictator. She'll always be demanding and self-centered, but she hadn't been so outwardly vindictive lately so I thought maybe she was getting laid or something. But apparently not because as of yesterday, she is back on my immediate shit list. I'm not going to even pretend to be nice to her anymore. Here's why:

First, let me set up the scene a little bit. In this office, I am officially the bottom of the proverbial shit heap, that is true. But since there are only 4 of us, we are somewhat on equal footing. We have to be in order to run the business. Or so I thought. We all put in extra hours. The others like to stay late. I prefer skipping lunch if I have a lot to do. But lately, it hasn't been as busy so I've been actually TAKING my lunch. Even so, I arrive before EVERYONE almost EVERY MORNING and don't even get me started on all those times I arrived at 7am for our early meeting only to wait 45 minutes before anyone else showed up. In short: If I happen to take an extra 10 minutes on my lunch break ONE DAY, it shouldn't be a big deal. If I have to go to the doctor two weeks in a row because I have a legitimate medical concern, that should be ok. Especially since others in this office will disappear for two hours in the middle of the day and I don't know what they're doing or where they've gone. Does it bother me? No. Because I'm minding my own fucking business and concentrating on doing my job.

So yesterday evening, about 20 minutes to 5, Boss Man called me into his office. The bottom line was that Lil D had complained that earlier that day I was gone for two hours on a lunch break and she didn't know where I was and while I was gone she had to cover the phones. Poor little deary. Well, as it happens, I was only gone for and hour and a half and that half hour was spent in the UPS office mailing a package for my boss. Sure, she didn't know about that, because I didn't think I had to inform her of every little fucking thing I do seeing as how she's not even my direct boss. Isn't it enough that she's 24 and makes twice my salary? Isn't it enough that this is the little princess' first job and that she's never had to do any REAL WORK in her life? (I'd like to see her wash dishes for 8 straight hours in a hot dish room whilst touching other people's food). No, it's not. Apparently, she's been keeping track of my days off and sick days and lunch times, but completely missed the weeks I went without taking ANY lunch breaks because I was so busy. She forgot because she was out taking HER long lunch breaks and taking care of her shit during work hours. One day she disappeared for over 4 hours in the middle of the day to wait for the cable guy. I have lots of fodder like this to use in my defense. I used some of it yesterday and Boss Man definitely saw my side of the issue. He said he knows I work very hard, probably harder than the other two, but that he had to address the issue with me because he had been riding her about her scheduling recently. Then it all made sense. She decided to “rat” on me because she'd just gotten in trouble. What is she, 5 years old? So I'm not in trouble with Boss Man, but I do need to be careful from now on and keep strict track of all my breaks so that if she ever tries to pull this shit again, I can pull out some documentation to put her in her seat. Boss Man even suggested that I email him when I take my breaks so he has a record, all because of the little princess who is threatened by me because…why? Because I make half her salary and am the absolute bottom of the totem pole in the office? Because I am exluded from their little lunch meetings and trips to Vegas? Yeah, I can see why she would feel threatened by me.

I apologize if this entry is disjointed. I am just very angry right now. I'm sick of being nice to her and putting up with all her bullshit only to have it be thrown back in my face. To paraphrase Xander, I'm through being everyone's butt monkey.

I had a meeting with her at 3:00. Apparently she and Boss Man talked this morning and she pretty much reneged on the whole thing! She said she didn't want me to feel like everyone was against me and we need to be a team and that she knows I do good work. She also admitted that she overreacted about yesterday because she didn't have all the information. She was visibly nervous and her face was red and she talked a mile a minute. Meanwhile, I was stone faced and quiet. She even made a few joked to attempt to lighten the mood and I didn't budge. Awesome.