petroleum rena

We finished shooting Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day yesterday. The last shot was a producer cameo by Dom who killed some zombies with a croquet mallet. We were all pretty loopy by then, and everything was hilarious to us. After we wrapped at the location, crew went to Big Time to torment Borgia (who had to work right after we finished shooting…poor guy!) and have a celebratory beer. One beer turned to many, Borgia got off work early and we lamented the fact that we had to return to our regular jobs the next day. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves on this shoot. For me, it was a wonderful validation of all the work we did leading up to it. The set was fun and well organized. There were no big problems that we weren't able to find solutions for. We shot an awesome zombie movie for a minuscule amount of money and it's one of the most fun and rewarding things I've ever done in my life. I ache to do more of it. Being back here at my day job is horrible. All I want to do is jump right into post production and get the movie out there. I want everyone to see it. I want the Seattle film scene to stand up and take notice. I want to start working on the feature. I am now POSITIVE that making movies is the only career that will make me happy and I NEED to do anything in my power to make it happen.

Successful transmission

My existence in the film world has been validated. I am on IMDB!!

I can now send in all my updates and get “Terry” up there! (And Snow Day once it premieres somewhere).