You'll never guess who donated to the movie!!!


How totally awesome is that? I sent him a letter because he always talks about zombies and comics on his blog. I didn't think anything would come of it. But he actually donated as much as Faye's mom. We are definitely going to have to thank him in a special way.

PATTON, we salute you!!

And for those of you who don't know, Patton is a brilliant comedian. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing his album “222” and/or reading his blog. You can do both here.

out from the foot

Long time, no write. Why? Because I was too busy doing nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. My week off was pretty packed for an invalid.
Saturday (Christmas) I ventured out to Dom's sister's house for festivities. I was still pretty whipped at that point and spent most of the day in her guest bed with a migraine. After sleeping for approximately 20 hours, I woke up Sunday feeling fairly refreshed and Vicodin free. That night, I was visited by the lovely Keely girls and their spouses.
Monday and Tuesday night we had meetings for the movie.
Wednesday was my party day. I went out to the Comet that evening with Jacob, Andrew, Sherwood and my old friends from Tacoma, DJ and Robert. We sang karaoke and I drank what is probably more cider than a person recovering from surgery should. I sang “Say It Ain't So” by Weezer for the first time and it got a pretty good response. I also did my old standard “November Rain”. Andrew sang an AWESOME version of “Double Vision” by Foreigner. We took LOADS of fun pictures which can be seen here. It was really good to see DJ (who goes by Danny now, but I can't bring myself to call him that) and Robert!
After things started to get weird at the Comet, (annoying girls and boys singing dumb songs…5 people singing a solo song at a time) Jacob, DJ and I took a drive in Robert's Grandpamobile. After a brief stint at Dick's, we drove through Volunteer Park and were amazed by the incredible view of the space needle which was almost COMPLETELY obscured by a thick fog. It very much resembled a spaceship taking off (or at least what I imagine one would look like). Very cool. So Robert parked and DJ and I got out to get a closer look. We walked down toward the fenced-in reservoir and were only there a matter of minutes before we heard this young, funny voice shout “Hey you kids, what are you doing down there!” We turned to see a bright flashlight shining at us. I laughed because I thought it was a joke. But DJ said “I think he's serious”. That's when I realised that a young rookie cop on park patrol had found us. “Come up here and take your hands out of your pockets” he demanded. “What were you doing down there?” I said we were just looking at the view, which is true. Did he NOT see the view? It was amazing. “Do you see the flashing lights?” I didn't. “Do you have any ID?” he asked. I told him it was in the car. Then a bull-dyke cop, also very young, shouted at us “Do you realise that you are trespassing? You could go to jail for this”. I apologized and said that we didn't know. I asked if they needed to see my ID. The woman responded “No, we just need you to leave”. So we did.
When we got in the car, Jacob told me their side of the story. They had just seen a group of kids bolt, when the cops pulled up and surrounded Robert's car. Jacob began to look for his seatbelt. One of the cops shouted “Guy in the back, stop reaching”. (HA!) Then they looked at Jacob's ID and asked if anyone else in the car was from California. (?) All we wanted to do was look at the view! It totally slipped our minds that the park is off limits and that a delinquent location like Volunteer would be teeming with rookie cops. This was my first brush with the police (besides running away from busted parties in college) and I declare it to be…HILARIOUS.
Friday we had our makeup test and snow test. The makeup test went well. The snow test didn't. Our “snow” looked like Styrofoam. (Which I suppose isn't surprising since it IS styrofoam). We are getting “smaller” snow so hopefully that will look better.
We also partied like it was 2005 at the Brunswick’s New Years Eve party. It was so much fun, it almost made me forget that I spent Friday afternoon in the emergency room with a UTI. I would have gone to the clinic but they were all closed on account of it being New Years Eve. And, of course, my insurance is making me pay my ass' weight in gold for it. I won't go into how much my insurance (Healthnet) sucks. Let's just say that they make me pay for everything and cover very little. Meanwhile, if I were a man on this plan and I wanted Rogaine, I would only have to pay my $15 copay.
Saturday and Sunday were mellow, as I rested up to come back to the big pile of work waiting for me here at the office.
And that brings us up to date. This week will be very busy both with work and the movie. We are shooting in less than two weeks!!! And now, back to the grindstone!