the salted pork is particularly delicious

In lieu of a trip to Vegas, I wile away my time with this:

Congratulations! You're Pippin!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
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the big unit

This weekend is our first weekend of shooting. I am nervous and excited. Nerxited. We will be flying blind with the “snow” effects (unless it actually DOES snow…in which case we might have continuity issues next weekend when it DOESN'T snow).
The makeup, however, looks AWESOME! Our makeup shits sundaes all over the Dawn of the Dead remake. And no one will be doing any running.
But anywho, tomorrow morning, shooting we will be. At ass-early o'clock.
Filmmaking is fun, though. Really, it is.

PS: I get to leave work early today because EVERYONE is in Vegas! I'm seriously.