Answers: BSG Style!

Suck it, Lost. Battlestar Galactica really knows how to EXPLAIN things. And even though I’m pretty sure they made some of this up later on in the series, it all fits together really nicely. I feel like we’re finally back in Season 2 quality territory.

“No Exit” really was a phenomenal episode. I loved spending so much time on the Cylon ship listening to perfectly crafted exposition which came off as heated theistic discussion between Cavil and Ellen. Now THAT’S writing! (I’d also really like the contact info for their decorator.)

The exposition on Galatica, as delivered by Anders to the other three toasters and Starbuck whilst on the brink of death, was just as well written. It was also great to see Starbuck showing a little tenderness, even if it might have been misplaced. Though if Anders is gone now, I doubt she’ll keep that attitude for long. Now it’s up to Ellen to explain what exactly Starbuck’s deal is.

Is it weird to find the Centurions sort of cute? I love the way Six and now Ellen talk to them in soft, familial tones and the way they sort of cock their giant glowing heads to listen and obey. I know they were, like, the cause of the annihilation of the human/Cylon race but it seems like all they really needed was a hug.

And Chief! He’s still the most awesome, doing whatever he can to save the ship he’s called home for so many years. He puts up with the Old Man’s lingering bigotry with just a roll of the eyes, dismissing it like one would their drunk, racist uncle at Christmas dinner.

With Boomer, one assumes, on her way back to Galatica, and Torrey revealed to be his original girlfriend, Chief may have some “Dylan or Brandon” type decisions to make soon.

Also, Cavil is probably going to try really hard to kill everyone again. Exciting!

Godsdamnit, I love this show.



  1. Yeah Boomer is all cute and all until she vomits all over you and a hord of zombies attacks your poor blinded soul. Oops I am mixing my pop culture icons.

  2. Dude, srsly, amazing episode. I am a little sad that they finally made Mr. Starbuck worth a damn and now he’s braindead.

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