NFT Radar: The Honey Hole

It’s a “hole” because it’s dark and warm. The “honey” part comes from the retardedly delicious sandwiches and drinks. Both the veggie and regular BLTs will satiate that persistent bacon craving. A series of Hollywood monikered sammies feature the meats you love uniquely complimented by the perfect cheeses, veggies, and condiments. No less than 3 of them involve honey roasted ham. You can choose to go hot or cold. It doesn’t really matter. Almost everything is heaven between two slices of bread. The only thing I don’t recommend is the too-literally named Dirt Burger. Nothing helps wash away a bad day at work than a Honey Hole happy hour. $3 pints and $3.50 fresh juice wells are the ideal accompaniment for your comfort food. It’s time to relax under the warmth of red lighting in a cushy booth and pack on the winter calories and this is the place for it. They have also have pizzas and stuff but trust me, you’re gonna want the sandwich. No, it’s not a sex shop, but if you’ve ever considered a carnal relationship with your sandwich, it would probably be one from the Honey Hole.

703 E Pike St 98122

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