NFT Radar: Mighty O Donuts

I was never really a donut person. I could easily forgo the greasy gut bombs on the board meeting snack tray in lieu of a nice bagel and some shmear. I never boarded the Krispy Kreme Krazy Train. I honestly thought donuts were kind of gross. And then I had a Mighty O. Now, I’m not vegan. Butter and cream marry with sugar just fine and can live harmoniously in my stomach. But apparently, you don’t need ’em. One bite of those cakey, frosted treats and I was in love. And what variety! The usual suspects like sprinkles and nuts sit alongside new classics like French Toast and Lemon Poppy. But their seasonal specials are where they excel. Fall brings Pumpkin and Apple Spice! Other seasons feature Ginger Raspberry, Strawberry Shortcake and Grasshopper (it’s chocolate-mint, silly). What goes better with donuts than coffee? They’ve got that too. And its really, really good. Unfortunately, just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Whatever you do, don’t look at the nutrition information on their website. It will utterly destroy the fantasy.

2110 N 55th St 98103

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  1. Thank you for your positive review. We are so glad you found us and we found you.

    Have a wonderful holiday!



  2. Actually- I dont think they are totally vegan anymore- is this true?
    Also I love that Mighy-O left a comment!

    • They are still advertised as vegan. From their website: Egg & Dairy Free – Why, why not? We do not need the extra ingredients to make a delicious donut that everyone can enjoy. Mighty-O does not use dairy, egg, lard or any other animal derived ingredients in the production of our donuts, glazes, or toppings. Unless vegans have decided to deprive themselves of deliciousness…

  3. In response to the comment Dec. 11, 2008… they are and always have been made without the use of animal products, no egg, no dairy –vegan. Also we have always used certified organic ingredients and make our own mixes and glazes ourselves.

    Cheers and donuts to you and you and one for me, and one for you, and two for you, and… oh my, they are gone!

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